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Director: Vika Evdokimenko 

Vika was born in the Soviet Union during the perestroika. But as her popstar mother and physicist father fled the country, she spent her early years as an immigrant in Northern Ireland. After graduating from Cambridge University she performed with a jazz orchestra, travelled to Cuba where she studied screenwriting  near Havana and finally found her way back to the UK where she began to focus on filmmaking.  Since then Vika has worked for major UK writers, directors and producers such as Stephen Woolley (The Crying Game), John Battsek (One Day in September) and Mike Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas),  Her short 'Relative Madness' premiered at the 2010 Edinburgh International Film Festival and won the Accolade Award the same year. Vika is currently pursuing her MFA in Film at the Tisch School of the Arts, NYU and developing her first feature.

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Cinematographer: Matthew Mendelson

Matthew Mendelson worked his way through university as a lighting technician in New York City's independent and commercial film and television industry. After years of experience, he returned to school at NYU Graduate Film Program where he is currently completing an MFA with a concentration in Cinematography. He was a New York University Graduate Film Program nominee for the 2010 American Society of Cinematographers Heritage Award for his work on the award-winning short film "Daughters," shot on location in rural China. His first feature-length project, "Snowchild," shot on location in Tokyo, Japan, recently premiered at the 2011 Moscow International Film Festival. He was also the 2011 winner of the Volker Bahnemann Award for Cinematography, sponsored by ARRI. 

Credits List

Written & Directed by 

  • Vika Evdokimenko


  • Matthew Mendelson

Production Designers

  • Aleksandr Solodukho
  • Robert Eggers

Costume Designer 

  • Olga Mill

Executive Producers

  • Anatoliy Karachinsky
  • Leonid Makharinsky
  • Oleg Evdokimenko
  • Gera Gavrilov

Produced with the kind support of 

  • Cultural United New Trend Foundation & Jmernika Investors

Produced by

  • Forest Conner
  • David Woolner

Music by Joss Albert

  • Violin - Aleksandra Azovtseva
  • Accordion - Louisa Jones
  • 'Scarlet Sails' Score (1961) by Igor Morozov

1st Assistant Director               David Woolner

 2nd Assistant Director             Frances Bodomo

Script Supervisors                   Frances Bodomo, Elif Eda, Iquo B. Essien

Production Co-Ordinator         Appoline Berty

Production Assistants             Philip Fallino, Reinalodo M Green, 

Pre-Production Assistants       Assal Ghawami, Devin Landin, Anna Dyuzheva

 Drivers                                   Blake Lyons, Pedro Small