KATYA & THE SCARLET SAILS was shot on location in Brooklyn and had its US premier at the Sarasota Film Festival 2013. It features Anamaria Marinca (4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days), Elena Solovey (Unifinished Piece for the Mechanical Piano, We Own the Night) and Catinca Untaru (The Fall)

From the Director...

I'm fascinated by our uncanny ability to invest our lovers with qualities that have little to do with reality. It seems the roots of the fantasies we project onto our significant others lie in some formative early experience. But what could be more formative than the scenarios and characters of movies we watched as children? Katya & the Scarlet Sails whimsically imagines a story in which such a childhood encounter tragically and comically directs the course of an entire lifetime. 

I've been an immigrant most of my life, nostalgic for the naivete, romanticism and charm of many Soviet cinema classics. Katya & the Scarlet Sails is a celebration of that tradition and aesthetic, but it also examines how the world view of films like Алые Паруса / Scarlet Sails' (1961) known and loved by several generations, is challenged by our post-modern world.